I have created this site to help students of Russian to read and understand original short stories and build their vocabulary and reading skills.
How does it work?

✿  First go to the top of this page and select a story in Level 1 (beginner) Level 2 (intermediate) or Level 3 (advanced).
Read a segment in Russian and English (I tried to stay as close to the structure of the sentence as possible. Keep in mind, Russians invert sentences quite often, the translation might look a bit awkward.)
Listen to a recording a few times, matching it to the written words.
✿ Read a whole segment out loud paying close attention to pronunciation. Try to imitate the reader! 

I hope this will help you in your studies.
Enjoy reading and learning!


Вам нра́вятся мои́ расска́зы? Do you like my stories?                                                           Please consider making a donation to help me maintain the site.



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